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Jurenheim Ch 9 :iconlucklesswarrior:LucklessWarrior 0 0
Jurenheim Ch 8
Chapter 8
Jeremiah got out of bed the next morning, with not a wink of sleep. He made his way down the unfamiliar stairs of Reggie's home. The warm morning light shown through the windows, revealing more of the home than Jeremiah remembered. The entire house was beautifully crafted in intricate elven fashion. The attention to detail made Jeremiah wonder how much Reggie had actually done himself.
Careful to make as little noise as possible, Jeremiah made his way to the kitchen. As he passed the living room, he couldn't help noticing a painting hanging over the fire place mantle. In it were four figures. A tall elven man, that Jeremiah could easily tell was Reggie, stood next to a brunette human woman sitting in a chair.
"She must have been Regulansier's wife," Jeremiah thought. "I'd heard he took a human woman as his wife years ago before she passed away."
Sitting in the woman's lap was a young, messy, blonde haired half-elven boy, and in front of Reggie stood another half-elven boy who
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Mature content
Jurenheim Ch 7 :iconlucklesswarrior:LucklessWarrior 1 0
Jurenheim Ch 6
Chapter 6
Regulansier, or known among many as Reggie, approached Jeremiah. Reggie was a legend among Kell's Garden. He had come to the city over two hundred years ago. He founded the Garden's rangers as a splinter group of Kalina's elven rangers. He also fought alongside Karina's mother who had been a member. He was even recognized as a member of the city's council.
"Jeremiah," said Reggie as he nodded in greeting.
"Sir," said Jeremiah in turn.
Reggie motioned to Cass. "Is she the one?"
"Yes," Jeremiah responded.
Reggie approached Cass with a stern look. The look made her shudder and become uneasy. She attempted to hide behind Jeremiah again, but Karina grabbed Jeremiah and pulled him away from her.
Jeremiah looked back at Cass and said, "It's alright, Cass. He's here to help."
"Why are you here in Kalina?" asked Reggie.
Cass replied nervously, "I was looking for help."
"Help for what?"
"For my people. They have been fooled by an evil man who has done something to our queen. Now, my pe
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Jurenheim Ch 5
Chapter 5
Jeremiah lit a small torch that dimly lit the way for him and Cass. The two slowly made their way through the forest, being careful to avoid walking into heavy brush. Jeremiah guided the way toward and down the trodden paths he had walked since he was a kid with Karina. He couldn't help but feel a little uncomfortable, walking alone with Cass, but he felt as though she might feel the same. As they walked, Jeremiah started talking to lighten the mood.
"Your accent, I've never heard it before. Where does it come from?"
"Oh, Umm- to be honest, I am not really sure myself. We dendramere have no memories of our past lives as living people, but we do retain some ingrained memories like accents, skills, and talents."
"That's interesting," said Jeremiah as he helped to guide Cass under a fallen limb, "so I don't know much about dendramere other than the stories I've heard."
"What stories?" asked Cass.
"Well, they mostly say you all are undead boogeymen that rob graves and steal child
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Jurenheim Ch 4
Chapter 4
Karina, upon realizing what she was seeing, moved between Jeremiah and the undead. She drew her bow, ready to shoot. As the undead woman brought up her hands in protest, Jeremiah grabbed Karina's arm.
"Wait!" he objected.
"Why?! Do you not see what she is?" Karina replied angrily.
"I do, but I heard her ask for help."
Karina looked down at the woman in confusion.
"Please," she spoke again, "help me."
Jeremiah cautiously approached her. As he knelt down in front of her, he placed his hand onto hers. Feeling her cold skin, he moved her hands down from their defensive position.
"It's alright," he spoke softly. "What are you? What is your name?"
The woman looked at Jeremiah, trembling, and responded in a strange accent, "I am a dendramere. My name is Cass Reena."
Karina, still holding her bow, aimed it at Cass. "You make one move against him..."
"It's alright, Karina," Jeremiah interrupted. He turned his attention back to Cass. "Where are you from?"
Still shaken, Cass slowly repl
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Jurenheim Ch 3
Chapter 3
Jeremiah hit the ground running. Buildings passed him by as he darted between them. He knew the direction the three  goblins were headed, and he knew the shortest route to get there. As he sprinted around one of the buildings, the creatures came into sight. He drew an arrow from the quiver strapped to his back and notched it to the bow. He took a couple short breaths to steady himself. He pulled the heavy drawstring of the bow. As he watched where his target was headed, he counted his breaths in his head.
"One."  It was far, about fifty paces, but not too far for Jeremiah's bow. He aimed up to compensate for the distance, then took another breath.
"Two." The creature was zigzagging, but it was a predictable pattern. Jeremiah was trained for this. He pointed the arrowhead ahead of its victim.
"Three." He felt for it, the moment between breaths. The second when it feels like the whole world stops. The point at which life and death is decided.
With the final release of
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Jurenheim Ch 2
Chapter 2
Jeremiah strolled down the path. He looked about and couldn't help appreciating the beauty of Kell's Garden around this time of year. The sun streamed between the fall leaves adorning the oak trees. Almost each of the buildings of the city were exquisitely merged with the forest, as though they were grown from the trees themselves. The paths were not paved; the grass was simply trampled down to the dirt, adding to the feeling that the city was merely a naturally occurring extension of the forest.
Jeremiah crossed over one of the elven inspired bridges spanning over the branching streams of the Thilmor River, which ran through the city. Its cold waters ran softly beneath the bridge, bearing boats carrying cargo from lands across Jurenheim. As Jeremiah finished crossing, he caught site of his watchtower. One of several throughout Kell's Garden, it consisted of thick, wooden beams made to last and weather the elements. On each corner were tethering lines, used for extra stabilit
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Jurenheim Ch 1
Chapter 1
Jeremiah jerked in his sleep. His green eyes remained closed as he dreamed of running through the woods of Kell's Garden. The giant oak trees outside the city flashed past him as he ran and jumped over logs and brush. In a single bound, he had managed to climb up and into one of the trees, and without losing stride, he ran along its branches. His brown hair flowed beneath the green bandanna covering his head as he leapt from tree to tree. He could feel the sun shining on his tan colored skin through the orange and yellow leaves of the fall. He felt he was chasing something below, but he couldn't make out what it was. Suddenly, one of the branches caught his leg. It caught him off guard, and he began to fall. In a panic, Jeremiah reached out to break his fall, but before he could hit the ground,  a bright light shone below him. Jeremiah reached out for it desperately.
The evening sun's rays shined through the window across the room into Jeremiah's eyes. He grumbled in pro
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Sorry, but no new chapter for Monday. I am still hard at work though, and I intend to deliver a new chapter later this week. I thank those reading for your patience and continued support.


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